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Risk is a function of the likelihood of an attacker exploiting a potential vulnerability and the resulting impact of the event on the organization or individual.


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Cyber Security

>Identify your risk and what to do
>Learn from first account case studies.
>Actions to take immediately to lower your risk

Ethical Hacking

>What I learned as an Ethical Hacker
>Professional Penetration Testing: The Real Test of your Security
>Ethical Hacking for Fun and Profit


>Minimizing the Burden of Compliance
>Building a Risk Management Program vs Compliance Paperwork


>Socio-economical trust: Third world economical access without banking
>Evolution of supply chain transactions and what that means
>Cryptocurrency as a case study

Social Engineering

>Why It’s Easier Than You Think
>How to recognize a Phishing scam
>Human Hacking Examples

Offensive Security

> How Much Security is Needed?
> Mitigate #1 Way Hackers Get In
> Balance Security with Functionality

Meet Brian


Brian Self

Professional Speaker and Cyber Security consultant

Brian is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), ethical hacker and professional speaker.

He has been in information security for over 15 years and in IT for over 20.

Over these 20 plus years, he has performed work as a professional Penetration tester (offensive security), security engineer, compliance subject matter expert (SME), IT security Architect, and a consultant in a variety of security domains

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Brian is smart, funny and knows his stuff when it comes to cyber security and making your business and personal data more secure.

Richard J Bryan

Clifton Business Solutions

Brian has the unique ability to take a complicated topic, like securing a network and making it easy to understand to a wide audience. He spoke for us (CDWG) at a conference and many agreed he was the best speaker there.

Justin Klise

CDW-G IT Products and Services

Why not have a hacker work FOR you? That’s what you’ll get with Brian. He’s the real deal and has all the tips to keep you safe and secure. You’ll love his presentation!

Traci Brown

Fraud and ID Theft Prevention Expert & Keynote Speaker

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