Offensive Security





Offensive Security

Offensive Security is the attack and penetration side which means testing to ensure your cyber security measures are working. The defensive side is about protecting your security and keeping the bad guys out.

Offensive Security is the creative way of assuring that the cyber security controls the business has in place will protect it from attacks.

Gaining this level of assurance requires verifying and validating with a real world test of whether a hacker can get access.

Part of the issue is that it’s impossible to keep everybody out 100% of the time. Where there is a will there is a way.  Offensive security proves that risks are real and can demonstrate the quickest ways to gain unauthorized access to information and systems via penetration testing (pen testing).

The difference between a really good pen test team and bad one is the bad one will find one way in (or none), run a report and hand it in, or worse just run a vulnerability scanning tool and repackage the results. A really good team will manually test the vulnerabilities and attempt to gain access into systems from multiple perspectives giving a thorough review of the security in place (or not in place in a lot of cases).

There is no 100% security, but there is a way to lower risk and ensure we’re taking care of the low hanging fruit – get a pen test.

Offensive security helps demonstrate to the boards and executives what can happen if their cyber security risks are not addressed.

Offensive security is how to test your assumptions to ensure your company, systems and data is safe.

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